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My Portfolio

Take a look at some of the work that I'm most proud of. You'll see pieces ranging from writing samples, video editing, social media mockups, and more.

Marketing Materials

These are some of my favorite marketing pieces I've created. From emails to brochures, it's all about creating awareness for the brand.

Clothes Mentor
Awareness Email

Clothes Mentor is a resale shop in Arlington, TX.  As a personal favorite place to shop, this made the email so much fun to make. This project was created for my Digital IMC Management class to illustrate an example of a successful awareness email.

Awareness Email.jpg

BCB Live
Rack Card

For the Accelerate! Conference & Expo in Dallas, TX, BCB Live needed something to catch the eye of people walking by the booth. This rack card encompasses the values and benefits of subscribing to the show.

Awareness Email

Texapinay is an organization started to bring awareness to the Texas-Filipinos who felt lack of representation on social media. This email was created during the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Joanna, a follower of Texapinay was working in conjunction with the organization to raise donations for Breast Cancer. 

Texapinay Awareness Email_5 (1).jpg

Writing Samples

Check out some of my writing samples from my PR Methods I & II classes where I have been able to explore my writing skills.

PR Brief.png

PR Brief
Southside Community Garden

Strategies and tactics.png

Strategies & Tactics
Southside Community Garden

Fact Sheet.png

Fact Sheet

Press Release.png

Press Release
Pie Five

Southside Community Garden (SCG) is a non-profit organization working to end food apartheid in the 76104-zip code of Fort Worth, Texas. This PR Brief encapsulates the mission of the organization while targeting areas it needs to strengthen to continue the growth of volunteers and donations.

Now that the needs of SCG have been addressed, it's now time to create a strategy to achieve the goals of the brand. This writing sample goes into detail showcasing attainable strategies with reachable goals.

Coolibar is an SPF clothing company that makes sun protection trendy. The clothing line offers accessories, shirts, pants, and other pieces to help slow down the epidemic of skin cancer in our nation. This fact sheet provides a summarization of Coolibar's mission and important facts to know about the brand.

Pie Five announced its newest location in Detroit, Michigan, and this press release was created to help the company gain publicity for all pizza lovers in the area!


This is where my love for Adobe began. In this section of my portfolio, you'll find work

from my Strategic Communications I & II classes where I began exploring my creative side. 

Social Media

Here are some fun pieces I've done for BCB Live and Texapinay. Social media is the key

to a growing company in today's market, and I have had the opportunity

to help two start-up companies do just that.

Social Media Mockups- BCB Live (1).png
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • TikTok


Social Media Mockups- Texapinay.png
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


Video Editing

Now, the bread and butter to my portfolio. This is my happy place.

Give me an idea, and I can make it come to life.

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